He marches

escher, m c puddle 1952

The crack in his boot extracts the world’s dampness
while his footfalls drum incantations
through mud and puddles
shaking up the earth
until, from the moon’s view,
it bounces.

His true love’s heart
beats time to his march
measuring deployments,
eyes meeting on the moon.

His foot comes down in puddles
to spray a sparkling corona of color
that bedazzles her sweet laughing face.

Ignited by her image, he takes another step.

Brenda Warren 2012

Thank you to Tess at The Mag for the prompt. Check it out for more creative responses to the picture.

10 thoughts on “He marches

  1. … ‘while his footfalls drum incantations through mud and puddles’ … I also thought of a soldier trudging through misery ~ love, the destination.


  2. brenda: an amazing poem. you’ve given us so much in your brief poem: the power of love, the determined human spirit and our
    everlasting connection with the nature.


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