Edward Hopper House at Dusk

Niagara roars beneath her cement window
eating the night with its powerful mist
barreling thunder, escapading cascades.
Her constant companion,
the river washes over the night
—ravenous and surging—
embossing landscapes with its power,
luring her to this tower—
this home upon its bank
this castle where she frees herself
night after night
deep in the beat of Niagara’s feast.


Brenda Warren 2012

Check out The Mag for more pieces inspired by Hopper’s painting. The painting reminded me of this building above Niagara Falls in New York. Each time I visit, I imagine living in the building. That imagining added inspiration to today’s Mag.

Above Niagara 2011

16 thoughts on “Niagara

  1. Brenda- this is magnificent.

    Growing up in Buffalo NY, I have driven by this building dozens of times on my way to Niagara Falls. What a keen eye you have to remember this building (and to locate a photo of it). The power of the Niagara River sucks you in as you stand next to it. You have done a great job bringing back this setting. “Eating the night, with its powerful mist” … wow!


  2. That’s a beautiful rendition of the painting Brenda. The building at Niagara is somewhat similar to the Hopper one too albeit much larger but, I can def see why it influenced your thinking.
    Another lovely write!


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