Hallways belch pencils.
Beneath lines of lockers
the pencils cower in corners
waiting for custodial collection
at each day’s quiet completion.

Brenda Warren 2012

NaPoWriMo 27

This is a practice in personification and alliteration. On Monday, 🙂 my students will identify the personification and alliteration in the piece. They will also write down their thoughts about why the author chose “cower,” and “belch,” then share their thoughts with a partner. This is a glimpse of a mini lesson in my classroom. They are working on their own pieces that are due next Tuesday, so this will provide a model. It also gives me something to post for Day 27. Woo Hoo!

Our wing’s custodian leaves the pencils she collects in a cup in my classroom for students.

5 thoughts on “classwork

  1. What a great exercise for the kids, Brenda. They are indeed lucky to have you as a teacher. I am trying to get my kids to write with proper grammar and punctuation. It feels like an up hill battle, but we are pushing forward.


  2. Love the idea of pencils cowering in corners! Your students are fortunate to have a teacher willing to share writing with them rather than simply directing THEM to write. (I never had an English, or any other, teacher do that when I was in school!) I used to do it with my students occasionally.


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