Windows open and close,
transposing dream into memory
while impressions impose their will on reality
and obliterate it on impact
fabricating shards that become
the stories of your life.

Everything lived,
becomes something else later.

Brenda Warren 2012

NaPoWriMo 17
This is dedicated to my friend David Arnott, who embellished more stories than I can shake a stick at.

14 thoughts on “embellishment

  1. Brenda, it’s so good. I know people for whom “shards” are reality. You say it so well. Almost a cautionary tale for us poets, because we’ll take what we’ve lived and make it into a poem.



  2. I think that dreams are reflections of everything lived. And I wonder why then I had such a frightful nightmare. I just dislike it when I try to wake up and can’t – even when I know it’s a dream. But with the new day I can perhaps take some of those ‘shards’ a create something beautiful. Compact wisdom here, Brenda. Thanks!


  3. That last line is wonderful. “Everything lived” is an experience that means something and that meaning can change too. You’re rocking it Brenda.


  4. Wow, I am so impressed with this thought. “Everything lived becomes something else later.” And thus it has been since the beginning of life. We are the culmination of all our experiences, aren’t we? I just never really thought of it quite this way before. Poetry is a door to understanding. Thank you.


    • Wow! Thank you, Mary. I appreciate your support and great comments! I’m glad you “got” the poem. The first draft seemed incomprehensible, so I added a bit for clarification, and tweaked it a bit. Your comment makes me feel that I was successful. Thanks again.


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