Black Widow Be – Otch

“Everything that deceives may be said to enchant.” —Plato

It is the lie’s intention.

Cloak your untruth in something glorious,
something shiny that I’ll really believe.
I do, don’t I?
I believe almost everything you tell me,
and then some.
Maybe there is something to Plato’s edict.
Maybe you are a lying tramp.
An enchantress?
More like a black widow.
Spinning a web of lies
so you can suck out souls
to nourish your existence
fed on the lifeblood captured
by the fruit of your tempting deception.

Brenda Warren 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 11, Yes eleven poems in eleven days.  I’m rocking it!

Process Notes:
No prompt: this was inspired by the recent public break up of a Facebook friend and her girlfriend (and a need to write something for Day 11).

13 thoughts on “Black Widow Be – Otch

  1. Ha! This is delightful and so, so true to point. I wish I could share this with the ‘blood-sucker’ I work with! Just the other day this ‘spider’ was spinning tales out of school – and now thinks I owe a favor. But I knew from the moment she started speaking to me that there was a web of deceit …I wasn’t born yesterday! Thanks for the reality chuckle!


  2. You’re so rocking it Brenda. This poem is as amazing as the last one. The style of it, I mean. I dig this style of yours. Anything or anyone that is soul-sucking is simply awful. And it’s something you feel, when you go near a person like that. I mean, life is too short to give more thought to soul-suckers.


    • Thanks for your enthusiasm Irene. I agree about the soul suckers, and feeling them. Speaking of that, I have to go to work today…there’s this colleague I have, down the hall…. (soul sucker!). Have a great day, Irene. I’ll go spread sunshine at school. 🙂


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