twitterpated spring

So we drive around the block
like two or three times
well okay multiply that by the number of days it takes to get to Mars
and that’s more like it.

I keep hoping we’ll accidentally see Brady outside or something
and Shayna says, “Yeah, but is it accidental
when we’ve driven around the block like five gazillion times?”
I ignore her as his house approaches,
….letmeseehim letmeseehim letmeseehim….
if I believed in magic he’d appear
hell, he should appear from the sheer will of my wanting.

OMG, there he is!
I dive to the floor of the car
scrunching into the smallest space I can
while Shayna honks and waves at him.
She honks and waves at him.
Smacking her gum with this asinine smile.

She’s dead.
There’s no question.

Brady sports plaid Bermudas
and boat shoes.
The hair on his legs tangles
like moss on the trunks of trees
and hangs like a picture in my mind.

God I love spring.

Brenda Warren 2012

NaPoWriMo 9
The NaPoWriMo prompt for day 9 asks us to write a persona poem. I took on the spring crush of a teenager.

15 thoughts on “twitterpated spring

  1. Okay, first of all, “twitterpated” is one of the best.words.ever.created. So you had me at the title. Then, the tone of this is so positively infectious, and perfect. Just perfect. I have been that girl. 😉


  2. LOL, I thought I was the only teen-ager that did this sort of thing. I’d usually wait til after dark though so I wouldn’t be seen. How foolish is that! Love this poem and the memories.


  3. Love this one, Brenda! I’ve been that girl! Well, not for about 50 years but I can still remember! You have captured the girlish anticipation and desire perfectly!!!

    And regarding your muse being fickle, my muse has been completely bored and unresponsive since NaPo Day 1. It has been a struggle cranking the words out. And then I read what some of you have written and I almost give up! But you all inspire me!


    • Thanks, Marianne. It’s funny how many of us have been this girl. 🙂

      Yes oh yes, the fickle muse. I’m so glad you are writing this month,and not giving up. There’s some good stuff at your place!


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