hell hath no fury

As your words mist the morning,
you demolish my heart with firm resolution
inside your lightning bolt eyes.
Frost melts in a 3-foot radius ‘round us.

Later on, I will cast a spell that
transforms you to dust
then I will hose you down until you turn to clay
so I can fashion a wee little man
to place upon my book shelf
next to my volume of trivia facts.

Brenda Warren 2011

The words at Three Word Wednesday were demolish, resolution, and transform. I came up with the second line in this piece right away and let it mull around awhile. Revenge became key. This is my first contribution at Three Word Wednesday. Be sure to visit them and see the work other writers built around these words.

16 thoughts on “hell hath no fury

  1. It is one thing to have revenge but to keep a little clay mannkin to gloat over your triumph is cruel or perhaps that little part of him is a reminder not to be so weak again. I really loved the imagery in this piece.


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