Super Purple Rhino Boy

for Purple Dude

Happen upon it,
upon it he did
flying so high in the sky,
a snappy hap- happening there up high
unfolding before his eyes,
his eyes,
unfolding before his eyes.

Purple on purple
the rhinos they flew,
lines upon lines of them,
smiles upon smiles of them,
miles and miles glided by
right in front of his eyes,
reflected their light in his eyes.

Luck, luck, lucky he knew he was
to witness the purple procession
every one hundred years they flew
(they flew for his grandfather Lendon).

Misting themselves with lily white clouds
the rhinos, they smiled as they flew.
With their horns up high,
they paraded by
before the young citizen’s eyes,
oh my!
Before the young citizen’s eyes.

One small rhino lagged behind
as trouble invaded his flight
the youth on the ground
saw him circling round
the same as he did in his dreams,
his dreams!
Circling as in his dreams.

The young hero’s heart beat drums in his chest,
‘twas the moment when matter changed states,
molecular magic in circular merging,
circular merging
and purp, purp, purpling,
boy became beast,
and beast became boy,
joy joy joining,
rhino boying
(the same as it did in his dreams
his dreams
merging as in his dreams).

Horn pointing up,
merged power gained,
a new purple champion appeared.
This was the moment he lifted from Earth,
the moment of Super Purple Rhino Boy’s birth!

His dreams played out like games on that day,
when he flew in the ranks of a Rhino Parade,
his very first Rhino Parade
His very first Rhino Parade.

Brenda Warren 2011

Process Notes: I wrote this piece for a specific student. In a written assignment, his superhero was Super Purple Rhino Boy, and then, this past week in his hopes for 2012 he wrote that it would be amazing to see purple rhinos fly. While he may not see purple rhinos fly, he will have this poem. Where there is a boy, there is a story. Purple Dude inspires me to be a better teacher. This piece was inspired by his writing. How cool is that?! I’ll read this poem to Purple Dude and his classmates on Wednesday, so it can cast a purple light on their holiday break.  LOL

Lendon is my husband’s name (and his grandfather’s). I used it because I liked the off-rhyme with procession. Having a grandfather witness the same event as our citizen anchors the story in family history.

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17 thoughts on “Super Purple Rhino Boy

  1. thank you for visiting and your comments as well.
    love this poem and definitely going to read it out to my little ones who I am sure will love to see a parade of purple rhinos! (even if only in their imagination)


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving your comments. I can’t find your e-mail for some reason but wanted to offer some of my word collection words to scatter through your wordles some weeks. I have a list of interesting words I collect as I see them and then kind of use them like wordles or just for inspiration. Anyway, let me know.


  3. He may blush but, I’m sure he will be thrilled to ‘see’ his purple rhino has sprouted ‘wings’ Lovely verse and lovely story you shared too.
    Thanks for all your work putting the wordles together each week for us. Have a lovely Christmas with your family, Brenda


  4. Like and triple like: for the dancy rhythm in the poem, for the zany story it tells, and for your lovely rationale for writing the poem.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Brenda. And I really AM grateful for your wordles each week, despite anything I might write tongue in cheek!


  5. Oh, this was grand, Brenda! It was so much fun to read! I loved the story and the way you repeated words (purp, purp, purpling,). Just a blast!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and many thanks for the gift you have given. I look forward to your wordle posts each week. You are generous to share your time and talent here!


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