Reincarnated Rant ~ A Magpie Tale

I didn’t get spoons in coffee when I was human
and I don’t get them now that I’m stuck in this fat little king statue
trying to pull this scepter outta my ass.
Paperweight City had such a good deal on them,
little did I know it would suck me into it
when I fell in my eagerness to grab one.
Not this one, Heaven forbid,
I was going for a statue of Saint Francis
with birds flitting about my head
(my head…good god).
Forever made of heavy resin polymer
I hold down this blowhard’s morning news
while he tink-tink-tinkles the frickin’ spoon
over and over again
against his boring blue cup.

At least this morning I can read the news.

Didn’t Dominick Dunne die?
I wonder if he got the Saint Francis statue?

A shout out to Tess for the image this week at Magpie Tales. The king would not let me go, he wanted his say.

38 thoughts on “Reincarnated Rant ~ A Magpie Tale

  1. Oh this was so enjoyable and I can imagine the expressions on your face as you did this!! Makes me smile ….no correction LOL!! 😀 great wit and humor to the fore!!


  2. Heard reincarnation comes in opposites. If he’s king now, he’ll return as a frog. We’ll have a bull frog taking over as king then!



    • I don’t know if he’ll move up the reincarnation ladder, he does not appear to moving toward enlightenment. He’ll probably return as a rock next time, or be a perpetual pain in his own behind. LoL Thank you for your comments, lolamouse!


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