Banana Split

for len

circle my lost spirit
church me up with concrete
make me stable
make me strong

I remember how it felt
to be cobbled by passion

crumbling pieces
a myriad of me
dissipate and wait
for a sign
for a passage to adventure
anything but now
circling my lost soul spirit
floundering alone
church me up with concrete
make me stable
make me strong

take me out for hot dogs and holy wafers
let the preacher’s words tell you everything that I can’t say
fearful of my non-reflected face
I cringe beneath dismissal
and hope you know
I love you

in the middle of this shit
you’re the mustard to my hotdog
the banana to my split
Brenda Warren 2011
Process Notes:
Hoping for a positive piece with the whirl words, I wound up here. Len and I exchanged heated words earlier in the week, and then a conflicted work schedule kept us away from one another. The angst of words left hanging drove this piece.  I’m certain the last two lines are not original, but then is anything, really?

Visit The Sunday Whirl, for some great reads using the twelve words that shaped my piece this week.

36 thoughts on “Banana Split

  1. Brenda, I love “church me up with concrete”. (I was thinking of using church as a verb myself, but didn’t. I’m glad you did.) I like how it’s high and low, like real life, “hot dogs and holy wafers”. It has immediacy and honesty, and yet it’s elevated. You did beautifully with those wordle words. I’m sure he knows that you love him; “I love you” had to be its own line.

    And thanks for your contribution to The Office of Letters and Light. I much appreciate it.



    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I’ve come to cherish your comments on my work. You usually “get” me, and are always so kind. My writing doesn’t take courage, it gives me perspective, and a good place for remembering. Sharing it takes some courage, but this community provides rich validation. I’m glad we are passing through the online blogging world at the same time.


  2. A lovely poem Brenda.
    I especially liked the last three lines:
    ‘in the middle of this shit
    you’re the mustard to my hotdog
    the banana to my split’
    Now that’s what I call true love!


    • Thank you, Mike. Your comment makes me feel good. I stayed away for a couple days to let this piece sit. Life is lighter now, but this piece can pull me back to that feeling…it is a strong write for me.


  3. Wow, what an excellent piece of writing!

    “circle my lost spirit
    church me up with concrete
    make me stable
    make me strong

    I remember how it felt
    to be cobbled by passion”


    “take me out for hot dogs and holy wafers”

    Passionate and beautiful…and real.

    What a way to use the wordle words! I loved it. 🙂


    • Thank you, Susannah! Your words make me feel good. I like the hot dogs and holy wafers, too, but I’m not sure what it means—the sustenance of love, I suppose. mmmm mmm!


  4. The best part is, you make up. The worst things are the long, angry silences. Left too long they can so often kill the love, or, leave it with gaping wounds. Glad you made up. Yes, the making up takes a lot of energy too but, in saving love, there is no limit eh!
    A lovely wordle Brenda!


  5. A good fight sometimes releases all the steam to settle back to a cool phase, as long as there are words like ‘I love you’ splattered in between!! They make the patch up work bright!! 🙂 A lovely mix of emotions in the high energy outpouring!!


  6. Oh, I love this, Brenda. It expressed a difficult time very well. I enjoyed “Church me up with concrete” as a wonderfuol metaphor. And ‘hot dogs and holy wafers’ – wow! You did well with the words…and I hope the ‘heated words’ have cooled by now! A banana split shared might be in order!


    • LoL We took a trip to WalMart last night for ice cream. Wilcoxon’s Moose Tracks. It’s a Montana thing. We always called it Moose Poop when the kids were little. It’s vanilla filled with chocolate covered peanut butter pellets, Thank you, for your kind words, Mary.


  7. It has an opposite effect for some. You come back all refreshed and wanting to make amends and that can be very contagious in a positive way.



    • Thanks Hank. I understand the opposite effect, too. With Len, we know we come to center again, it eases the rough spots. For me it’s when something is ending that those holes gape and eat at a soul. For me, gentle humor nudges life smooth.


  8. I’m sorry you’ve been having words. It happens even in the most loving of households. I love the ending to this – a good resolution. “You’re the tops” – is that the song you were thinking about?


    • Thanks Viv. We are on track again. I know Cole Porter’s tune, but I specifically remember stumbling on a poem, that explored metaphors of love. It was filled with phrases like “you’re the bottom to my top.” It went OVER the top. LoL I can’t remember where I saw it, but it lifted itself into the end of this piece.


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