woman you

Journeys shift imperceptibly,
dispensing time-released changes
noticed as they build into
an empty nest around me.

Journeys shift drastically,
creating chasms of before and after.
The serpent on your belly
uncoils longing and release.

You wax into a woman,
open and unafraid.
Come sit beside me.
Tell me of a time when you were young.

This is a poem in 55 words, written for my daughter TL as she grows up too quickly. Thank you to G-Man for the inspiration to write a poem in 55 words. Check out other 55 word pieces of flash fiction and poetry at Mr. Knowitall’s Friday Flash 55.

11 thoughts on “woman you

  1. Brenda…
    Faster than you can imagine!!
    I really liked your 55 My Friend.
    My 25 year old lives in Istanbul….:-(
    My 21 year old is still at home.
    Cherish yours while you got em!!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick ASs Week-End


  2. yes – they grow up way too quickly…mine are 17, 19 and 20 now…open and unafraid – i like – that means you’ve done a good job with raising her..smiles
    did you let your daughter read the poem..?


    • Claudia…Thanks for the compliment…it was my goal to raise her independent. TL has been unafraid since the day she was born. 🙂 She is a different bird than I, yet the same. Love runs deep. She hasn’t read the poem yet, but will when she slows down a bit. I imagine the last stanza will bring a big smile.


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