Boon Waits

A frenzied storm
beats rain against the stone
sides of our house in Ohio.
Thunder calls out its name
and echoes dance down a scalloped
forest of clouds disrupting exquisite stillness,
weaving sky music under rain.

The house shakes and Boon barks.
A sentinel in the window seat,
he waits for Jules and her Jeep
to scream around the corner
down past the silos
back to the village from Ottawa,
and the store that carries his bones.

9 thoughts on “Boon Waits

  1. Ah, thank you for taking me back to those stormy Ohio days of my youth! I was in Ohio from adolescence through the end of high school. The storms used to scare me silly (my bedroom was up under the eaves on the third floor where you could REALLY feel them at night), but I loved them even so. Los Angeles has little weather to offer in trade for those midwest summer nights. 🙂

    The poem is wonderfully evocative. I think it works VERY well!


  2. The power in a storm is at once both frightening and, electrifying because you can feel it’s power and hence, danger yet, you’re still curious to know, (like any good cliffhanger) what happens next!
    A lovely read, thank you.


    • Boon is a joy. When Jules moved out to Ohio, it’s his romping through our house causing problems with our animals that put holes in our life. He’s such a sweet boy, and yes an absolute menace. 🙂


  3. Brenda, I love how you describe the storm. This part is my favourite;
    “echoes dance down a scalloped
    forest of clouds disrupting exquisite stillness,
    weaving sky music under rain.”
    Beautifully said. Hope Ohio is treating you well. 🙂



    • Thank you Pamela. I love the storms out here. We’re in New York again, for parent day at TL’s camp at RIT. We’re going to Niagra again, then back to Ohio tomorrow, where I will stay put until we head home at the end of the month. Driving driving driving…. I hope things are going well for you, too.


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