Self Portrait as Cinderella

It’s time to dress for the ball!
My grandmother’s backless dress
beckons with cascades of tulle
in buttery yellow sheets.

Its underdress brushes warmth
with satin against my skin
And then, my prince waltzes in.
His fingers trace the path of
the labyrinth tat on my back.

Our eyes meet in the mirror
where he gestures with his head.
There’s a gift beneath the bed.

From beneath the bed I pull
a pair of lemon slippers,
jeweled flats that flatter my dress.
They find my feet. I love them.

He offers a hand in dance
our bodies pull us to trance
Balls can(‘t) wait, it’s not too late.
Fade to music twisting sheets.



For this piece I followed the early bird prompt at NaPo. To give myself some parameters, I made every line 7 syllables (if you say jeweled as one syllable). The rhythm feels choppy and odd in some places, but it was fun to write.

3 thoughts on “Self Portrait as Cinderella

  1. I can see the yellow dress with cascades of tulle, definitely a gown from the 50s. For some reason, I have always related to the 50s more than the 60s, which was my generation. I didn’t become socially conscious until much, much later. Looking back, I missed many opportunities. I should have been burning my bra and carrying campus protest signs against the Viet Nam war. Instead, I was constantly trying to adjust to a mammoth university after the restricting confines of a private girl’s high school (with a total of 35 in my entire senior class). I also like your use of 7 syllables in each line, although I might have missed it if you hadn’t pointed it out (so glad you did). And your use of the word balls…LOL. Bravo, Brenda! Off to a strong start!

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