Porcelain Memories

Porcelain memories
wrapped in burlap,
trapped beneath a moonlit chant,
lie shoveled-over in limbo
and left for dead.

A deeply wet spring germinates
gaudy paper poppies
that briefly turn their translucent
wrists in the wind,
until seasons dry and snap
their heads, and then start
swearing their secrets in seeds.

Porcelain memories
packaged in poppies
bubble to the surface
of everything
they never claimed to be.


Brenda Warren 2014





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8 thoughts on “Porcelain Memories

  1. A wonderful play with packaging, poppies and porcelain memories..for me, the most striking image was the poppies with their upturned wrists..seemed somehow vulnerable but open


  2. And so it goes… Love how you used the poppies as your focus here, Brenda. I suppose you are on vacation from school now. Enjoy your freedom, my friend.

    Pamela ox


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