Miriam and Adolfo

8o years defined them
birth through today,
Miriam and Adolfo,
the act that stole the stage.
From the time that they could toddle,
from the time that they could crawl,
Miriam and Adolfo
impressed the crowds one and all.

Through their intertwining eyes,
there was no need for other.
Miriam and Adolfo
pantomimed each other.
From the time that they could twirl,
from the time that they could tap,
Miriam and Adolfo
lived their lives enwrapped.

This picture marks the morning,
this picture marks the day,
Miriam and Adolfo
knew their life would change.
From the time that they shared pleasure,
from last month’s pas de dues
Miriam and Adolfo
knew a miracle baby grew.

They named the shecub Melanie
her roar surpassed her father’s
Melanie was the first of the pair’s
humana-ursaline daughters.
From the time that she could toddle
from the time that she could crawl
Melanie the Marvel
wow’d the crowds one and all.

The final five shebears came at once
stars that dot the midnight blue,
Miriam and Adolfo
gave birth to a brand new crew.
From the time that they could toddle,
from the time that they could crawl
Melanie and the Marvels
thrilled the crowds one and all.


In the picture Miriam looks uncertain, perhaps burdened with something, and Adolfo looks to be comforting her. From that along with the bed as a setting, I decided that they just discovered her pregnancy, her uncertainty is born from wondering about the offspring, and the world’s acceptance of it.

My intent in writing it was to practice the repetition that you hear in oral story telling. In the second stanza I hear “enrapt” when I read it, but used “enwrapped” so I could keep both meanings in the piece for myself.

Thank you to We Write Poems for the picture prompt. Visit to read more words inspired by the picture.

8 thoughts on “Miriam and Adolfo

  1. This is my favorite read so far this weekend. I feel like I have just read a great bedtime story and am quite pleased it is time for sleep!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Brenda.


  2. Brenda, An odd little tale told well. Nicely paced and your use of repetition lent itself perfectly. I didn’t write to this. I just got back yesterday from a mini vacation on the coast. A much needed break. I am however putting together a poem for the Sunday wordle. It felt quite strange not writing on Sunday. I love the new wordle site you have put together for us. Hope all is well for you and yours.



    • Glad you’re here, Pamela. It sounds like vacation was good for you. I agree, it’s an odd little tale, Miriam and Adolfo. They spoke to me, go figure. 🙂 I’m looking forward to your wordle. And since this wound up in spam, I’ll check the whirl, too, to be sure your piece is posted.


  3. Beautiful story, Brenda. The repetition helped give “authenticity” to the story-telling. I like the last stanza– the five she-bears coming as a cathartic happiness after the uncertainty which is the picture. Great process notes.


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