nullInspiring transcendence,
a lotus blooms in monkey’s hand
as it dances alluring stories
on the sloping curve of my back.

A strange kinship radiates bold wishes
between us, and we sleep
until devious monkey
wakes and stomps out
its joyful song through my torso’s
enchanting labyrinth.

This piece is from the wordle found at The Sunday Whirl, where poets create pieces with a dozen specific words and post glorious results.

14 thoughts on “tattoo

    • This is my back. I took the pic with a self-timer after I wrote the poem. It makes more sense with a picture of the tats. I had pictures of the monkey, but not the whole piece. It’s kind of nice to be able to see it. ha!


  1. I almost passed on the lotus. But, as usual, it’s not finished if I do that. My own personal challenge with the wordles. It makes it more interesting, lol. And I often find that those one or two words take on paths I would not have explored otherwise. I really like how you captured and used the words. Your poem flows naturally and fluidly.



  2. Now that I’ve written and posted my wordle response, I will enjoy reading the others’ responses…starting here! You’re right, it’ll be interesting to see how “lotus” is used. It was a challenge for me, to be sure.

    Oh…and….I love your tattoo! 😉



    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Mary. The lotus led me to the monkey, for me it’s interesting to see where the lotus shows up in all your pieces. “Lotus” carries more than a flower with it.


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